Lazy Analysis From Google Analytics

It seems that the more I learn about my role, the more keywords I gain and start searching for. I then stumble across more keywords and eventually find myself falling down the rabbit hole, wondering where it will end, much like Alice in Wonderland.

Some weird people down that rabbit hole

  Last week I was wondering about Excel and Google Analytics integration and I ended up searching for a phrase that led me to something called Blockspring.   Whenever I first learn of a tool I’ve not encountered before, I tend to do a quick search and rely on Google’s autocomplete to give me a comparative product, so “blockspring vs…” suggested Supermetrics for comparison, which I had heard of before when looking at Excel and Google Analytics integration and is a tool recommended by someone we’ve worked with before. With this bit of reassurance, I went ahead and clicked through to the comparison article and found myself here:   As I myself often try to encourage the lazy approach when collecting and formatting data, I found this immediately appealing.   I’ve had a little experience with linking Google Analytics in Google Sheets and I was not especially impressed with the way it worked. It does work, but you end up with many different reporting sheets all doing one thing, and it’s not in Excel. Almost ALL the work I do is in Excel!   So back to Blockspring/Supermetrics. Basically, both of these add-ins (for Google Sheets and Excel) provide a simple interface for the user to connect to a bunch of APIs to collect data from all kinds of accounts and online resources; Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Bing and Google Search, Wikipedia etc.   Having learned of these tools and the time saving that they can provide, I decided to dive right in and buy the Lazy Toolbelt course, for which you can get a discount from here:   Although I’m sure I could learn all of these things for free online, I would like to learn fast and the best way to learn fast is almost always to take a course on it which you also get stuck into using the tools, which is what these courses offer.   And worst case scenario, I stick with just linking Google Sheets and find a way to import that to Excel later!

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