Crap, I Lost My File Again!

Yesterday I spent what felt like forever looking for a file I’d worked on just a few days earlier. It was probably only minutes, but my boss was right there,

It was just over there…

seeing me fail to find it (he left me to it after a couple minutes, it was pretty bad).

It wasn’t in my recent files because I’d opened so many other files since. Even that might not have helped because I wasn’t sure what I’d named the file. Or if I’d even saved the last changes I made!

The folder names weren’t much help either, names I had chosen myself What the heck was I thinking naming a folder ad-hoc?

Basically, it was a balls-up.

However, this reminded me how important it is to have a consistent and logical naming convention for files and folders. And structure for folders!

First things first, that ad-hoc folder had to go. I went through the files, determined what they were actually related to and put them in a folder named after that. The files that were living in the ad-hoc folder moved out into the sub-folders of 6 other folders, split by month. Still not amazing, but screw that ad-hoc folder.

Doing the same with a folder I’d very intelligently named “projects” was next, almost everything that isn’t ad-hoc was a project.

My files were the next target. Naming a file after the data source you started with is dumb, don’t do that (like I did). Making copies and renaming them after the expected use/output of the file made much more sense.

Immediate action had to be taken against my (file naming) crimes, so I don’t know what better options are out there for organising your files. Maybe I should tag them and search? Where do I even start with something like that? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I need to keep on top of it, I don’t want it to replace Inbox Zero (which I am currently winning at) as my new nemesis!

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