Blink And You’ll Miss It

My reading list is rather long and my bookshelf is full of books that I would like to add to that reading list anyway. Then there are all the books that I don’t have yet that I also want to read. Then there are the books that will be recommended from the books I’ve read or from other people. As much fun as reading is, something needs to be done if I’m ever going to catch up!

The number of books recommended in just one

Enter Blinkist.


I’m not sure yet.

This morning I downloaded Blinkist onto my phone with a 7 day free trial. It does notify you that it auto-subscribes to the annual plan after the free trial is over unless it is cancelled, so that’s something to be cautious about.

Since most of the ‘blinks’ or summaries of the books are about 15 minutes reading time each, theoretically reading four of these a day should be manageable for everyone.

So the important question is, how useful are the summaries? I read through one for Antifragile and definitely felt that it was lacking. It’s a book I have started and not finished, so I had some of the ideas in my head already from the book. Maybe it wasn’t a fair test?

Anyway, I’ve got the app and I’ve added a ton of books to my list, from Becoming by Michelle Obama to A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking.

I’ll be back here in 7 days to give you the scoop, by which time I should have read… 28 books. That’s probably enough to decide if it’s worth it!


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