Blinkist Is A Speed-Dating App… For Books

Yesterday I wrote about downloading Blinkist and my plan to come back here and write about my experience with the app. It may seem quite soon to be back with a verdict, but I am and I thought I had made my decision.

But it’s harder than I thought because after deciding that I would like to pay for Blinkist (it really won me over), I did a little bit of research and realised I’d been missing out on a whole world of book summaries!

If all these books were just 15 minutes long… nope, still impossible

While Blinkist does package them nicely and provide a brilliant service with the recommendations and daily picks, I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t test out the competition as well!

More on Blinkist

Blinkist is actually pretty great. Since getting the app yesterday I’ve read 9 summaries of books, half of which I hadn’t planned on reading initially, but ended up reading them because they were suggestions given on the ones I did choose to read, or were the daily recommendations from Blinkist.

Blinkist does not replace books, nor does it try to as they provide links to buy the books online at the end of each summary. Blinkist is more like speed-dating, you get introduced to a book, get to know it a little, maybe discover something new, and then move on to the next one. It’s all over very quickly, and you quickly find yourself engaging with books you might not have thought of before. The magic of Blinkist that won me over was the accessibility and easy recommendations it provides. After reading a summary of The Communist Manifesto, I was recommended the almost exact opposite view with Free To Choose by Milton Friedman. The daily pick yesterday was Advice Not Given by Mark Epstein, which then led me to Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.

Meditation and communism aren’t really ideas that I was interested in, but with an average reading time of 15 minutes, it’s easy to give them a chance and I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. Not only that, but I did actually gain some useful tips from the meditation books summaries that I can apply in my life right now, so even if I never pick up the books, I’ve still gained something.

Is It Good Enough To Pay For?

If you’re short on time and want a decent enough way to get a quick read in, then it’s worth it.

If you have trouble seeing the value in book summaries, it might help to think of Blinkist as a blog with a paywall instead. Or if you like the idea of book summaries but aren’t sure about paying for it, this is the age of information and of course there are plenty of resources out there! This website has some interesting recommendation:

So maybe you find something that appeals more to you, I’m happy with what I’ve read so far from Blinkist but maybe there is something just as good, or just something that appeals to me more. If not, I’d be happy to pay for a Blinkist subscription. Looks like I have some reading to do!


Get it cheaper through this link (not my affiliate link by the way)

Or skip Blinkist and try out some other options

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