Subscription Audit

How many things are you subscribed to, and paying for, right now? Chances are it’s more things than you think.

Whenever I review advice on personal finance, one of the suggestions that always comes up in the ‘cutting back’ section is to review your paid subscriptions that auto-renew. Whilst I try to keep on top of them, sometimes I don’t notice that I have an auto-renew subscription active until I’ve been billed for another month. Even my new blog logo is from a subscription service and I’ve only just now remembered to cancel the automatic renewal!

Expanding bills!

There are some things for which I am happy to keep a subscription, such as Office 365 (especially now that I’ve started using Power BI!), but then there are some annual subscriptions that I completely forget about until they charge me for another year. I hate those ones!

Recently I’ve been on a subscription purge and found just how many things I had to unsubscribe from (not including Blinkist, which I’m still trialling). Maybe I should check out some subscription/bill managing apps? I’ve seen a few are available in the US but not noticed anything around for the UK just yet.

For now I’m down to NetFlix and regular bills (utilities, rent, broadband, mobile), which I’m pretty pleased with! The next stage is to stay on top of those bills at renewal time to ensure I keep them down, keeping my broadband down was as simple as calling them up and mentioning a competitor’s deal last time.

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