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After a quick search through my old posts, it seems like I’ve skipped one of my favourite resources for advancing careers. When I was just getting started out, discovering this website and following its advice had a tremendous impact on me.

The site in question is The Muse, and I really should have mentioned it before!

You see, in the early stages of my career, my main problem was that I didn’t know what I should be doing to improve. Unfortunately, valuing myself was also a problem, partially from my experiences growing up and partially from the negative culture I was working in at the time.

When I first discovered the site, which I think was through an ad on LinkedIn, it was like opening a door to a new world. Networking and selling myself were alien concepts to me, so I read and read The Muse until they started making sense.

The more familiar you are with a concept, the easier it is to follow.

Peacocks know a little about showing off

My accomplishments grew as did my confidence in my skills and abilities. Learning the importance of story-telling vastly improved my C.V. and LinkedIn profile. As much as I improved, there was always some more advice to follow and I think this site, as well as The Human Workplace, was instrumental in the career changes I saw back in the beginning.

Granted that these days I don’t spend much time reading from The Muse, but I do see an article every now advertised in my LinkedIn feed that grabs my interest and I mostly find myself reading the entire thing.

In summary, if you’re not sure where to start, The Muse can help you find that place and make you ready for it.

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