Shedding The Excel Guy Image

This weekend my goal is to shed the Excel guy image by developing proper analyst skills.

Excel hero to super-analyst

Excel skills are something I don’t worry about too much any more, as I’ve got my usage of formulas, charts, VBA and pivot tables to a degree where I can do pretty much whatever I want within Excel. The next stage for me is to learn different methods of applying all these skills together to build spreadsheet models and structures that can help me gain insights.

So far in my career when attempting analysis, I have mostly replicated pre-existing models and made improvements on them. The models I’ve developed have mostly been based on what I’ve seen before, which could be a limitation that I’ve been overlooking. I would like to start building things from scratch using my own knowledge.

To get to the point where I am the analytics guy rather than the Excel guy, my aim is to complete the following courses;

This may look like a lot to cram into a weekend, but the edX and PluralSight courses are ones I have already started. The Coursera courses are using Excel in different, more analytical and business focused ways, hopefully I have a strong enough Excel foundation to skip some content in those and just get right into the meaty part of developing models and presenting business insights through dashboards.

You may be wondering about certification and to reference one of my old posts on this; gaining multiple certificates across specific areas may do more to highlight what I don’t know than what I do. Additionally, I can pick up and drop any of these courses with no guilt, which is great for when I discover what ones don’t work for me right now, such as my annual DataCamp subscription which I will be waving farewell to in September (unless someone comes along and buys me another year, maybe my boss?).

On a side note, I can’t mention Coursera without directing people to this course:

Essential learning for anyone trying to pick up new skills, or anticipating needing to pick up new skills in the near future!

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