Blinkist: A Summary

A week ago I asked the question: Is Blinkist worth subscribing for?

Just a few days later, I really wasn’t sure. Despite enjoying the summaries I’d read on the app, the numerous other options out there really threw me off. If I could get something the same for free, why should I pay for the app?

Most of the alternatives were not to my taste, which may be due to being exposed to Blinkist first to be fair, but it’s more likely that it’s due to my own personal preference.


Blinkist, with its team of editors (or perhaps summarisers is more accurate?), seems like a much more polished experience, with a much wider variety of books to choose from, compared to the competition.

The target number of summaries I set myself to read, to determine whether I should keep the service or not, was 28. Like my analyst skills studying weekend, it was a little too ambitious and my completed reading count currently stands at 18.

With all of this taken into account, can I say for sure whether Blinkist is worth the £69.99 a year subscription fee? In my case, I’ve decided that it is.

I enjoy the summaries a lot, it introduces me to books I might otherwise not look at and gives me overviews of interesting ideas in a short space of time. Things like the 10X rule, ideas on feminism written 3 centuries ago by Mary Wollstonecraft, or the history of Brexit.

For the equivalent of around £1.35 a week, I don’t think it’s a bad investment at all!

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