Sneaking Into An Online MBA!

The more I learn about the advanced abilities of Excel, the more I realise how in the dark I was! I can do many things in Excel and my skills are way above the average, but there are some really complex things it’s capable of that I never even looked into before, mostly because I didn’t need them.

One of these complex things is using the Analysis Toolpak, which is an add-in for Excel that is approved and pre-installed by Microsoft, but not enabled in Excel by default. Today at work while reviewing some of the processes used by the finance team, we came upon a workbook that was using features of the Analysis Toolpak. The only problem was, the person showing me the workbook didn’t understand it and never touched that part, and the person that had understood it was out of practice and out of the office!

So with my curiosity piqued, I made a mental note to search up on the Analysis Toolpak a bit more when I got home.

One of the Pluralsight courses I’m following, Excel Analysis Techniques and Random Numbers, does use the Analysis Toolpak, but I feel like I could be learning more about the direct application.

Sneaking onto campus

After a little searching, I spotted a video from Coursera and when clicking through to it, found that it was within the iMBA course they offer. That particular video was only about enabling the add-in, but when I went to the course itself, I found I could enroll/audit without being in the main iMBA course.

I just snuck into part of an online MBA! Had I know I could just audit each little part of the course, I might not have been as bothered a few days ago!

Shhh, don’t let them know a regular guy got in…

Here’s the link, if you want to sneak in too:

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