Catching Up To Plans From My Past Self

Last night I didn’t make time to write a post because I was completing a bunch of quizzes for the course, Finance for Non-finance Professionals.

It’s an interesting course, interesting enough that in October a past version of myself paid to enroll on the course in the hopes of earning a certificate.

So the past version of myself, let’s call him Iain2018, had the ambition to study and complete this course and prove that he could develop a business understanding of finance. He believed this strongly enough that he at least completed the first week and passed the end of week quiz.

But at some point, his priorities shifted and now I have a course that Iain2018 paid for that I will lose access to in a couple of days.

There are four weeks of allotted studying time left…


With my recent focus on pursuing a more frugal path, extracting as much value from my current assets as I can is one of my top priorities.

Although the investment was small, I hate to see a learning opportunity go to waste!

So with the background out of the way, let’s go back to what I was doing last night that I prioritised above writing; quizzes.

The great thing about quizzes (which I’ve mentioned before), is they give you an indication of how much you’ve learned and what you need to brush up on.

Rather than attempting to follow every single video, I took the quizzes to see how much work I have ahead of me if I want to complete the course.

It turned out not to be a lot!

Fortunately, what’s useful in Finance is useful in Business, and a fair amount of the course material in the Excel Skills for Business Specialisation I completed over the weekend touched on the Financial concepts and methods I needed to complete this course as well!

This course does go into more depth on the finance part, but I was able to pass the weekly assessment quizzes and discover where my weaknesses are. Not only that, but in this course the final capstone project and quiz actually indicates which videos I should review to understand the concepts I’m missing!

So now I have a list of about 7 or 8 videos to watch, along with practice quizzes, to try and make the most of the course that my past self bought for me, in the next two days.

The videos are mostly under 10 minutes and presented well, but the final project looks like it could take more than an hour, so I’m optimistic of my chances, but I don’t think I have much chance of finishing tonight.

Expect an update later!

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