Finance for Non-finance Professionals: Complete!

Well there we have it, final grade of 93.5% overall, following a pass of 72% on the capstone assessment.

In the words of many Great British Bakeoff contestants, I’m well chuffed!

My finance knowledge is a bit more advanced than this now!

I’ve definitely learned some interesting things to do with finance in business, so there has been a significant value gain, but the way I’ve gone about it was certainly not the way I prefer.

After mentioning it yesterday and finally passing the course today, I’ve made up my mind that I do want to retake the course later on when I can make more time for it (and not put myself in another situation where I have 3 days to complete it!).

Besides that, the Excel course I shot through last weekend has been proving pretty useful, especially since I’ve been finding uses for Goal Seek and Solver in my daily work. Learning how to use these tools is about 80% of the effort, as you get more familiar with them you find more and more applications that increase their value to you.

All of this recent study is bringing me much closer to having the full set of analyst skills that I hoped to develop, but it has been pretty tiring!

Now is the time to relax, reflect on everything I’ve learned and enjoy my new certificates.

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