Finance For Non-finance Professionals: Day 2

Last night again I didn’t make time for a post because I was again focusing on quizzes and studying. This time, however, I was working on my weak points first and then carefully reviewing the capstone case content before I proceeded with the quiz.

And it paid off some! Last night achieved 50% vs the previous evening when I’d earned around 18%.

Day 2!

The pass rate is 70%, but as there are very few questions, getting just 3 more correct should nudge me over that mark.

My preference would be to achieve 100%, so even if I get over the pass rate this evening, I’m going to keep going until I’ve run out of time or achieved that mark. In attempting to pass, I am not overlooking the original goal of gaining a better understanding of how finance in business works.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve become more familiar with terms like ‘free cash flows’ and ‘risk-free rates’ and I would like those to come to mind as easily as IF formulas in Excel (since I have the Excel Skills for Business!).

Also, though I’m pushing myself to get as close to ‘Done’ as I possibly can right now, I’m actually really enjoying the course content and how it’s presented.

For anyone wanting to understand business better, especially if they are in a position to evaluate the benefits of a purchase (whether it be an asset or another company), I would strongly recommend following this course.

Don’t take my haste to complete it as a point against it, I might even follow it again some day soon as a refresher.

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