Remember To Rest Now And Then!

As my readers may know, I’ve had a pretty busy week! Finishing up the Excel course on the weekend and then jumping straight into the finance course when I realised I had three days left to pass it!

It’s been pretty full on at the office too, with new tasks popping up, older tasks going on the back burner and two larger projects dominating my schedule.

With all this busyness, I’ve had very little time to relax and unwind!

So in the interest of self care, I’ve made an effort to do just that.

Pug has the right idea

I had a pizza and some nougat.

I played some video games.

I scrolled my Twitter and LinkedIn feeds while lying in bed.

And now I’m going to read a little bit before I go to sleep!

Goodnight banana-fans, remember that resting helps you not go bananas!

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