Crash Course in Data Science

Data Science is everywhere these days, but what does it mean? It has something to do with Big Data and you hear words like ETL, Visualization, Machine Learning and dashboards thrown around, but from the outside it makes little sense.

A little research turns up even more complex results; which language to choose for Data Science, R or Python? Which BI tool is better, and does it connect to Bigquery, Redshift and Azure?

Heading down a rabbit hole of data? Sounds like the Matrix

You can pick these things up over time and start getting an idea of what they are, but what if all you really want is to have a general understanding of what Data Science is and does, an executive level understanding?

Well I have been lucky enough to find just that! The Crash Course in Data Science on Coursera:

It might be years before I really get what Data Science is, but I’m glad to have found a way to get a general overview early on. I think that with the pace of technology, it’s important to have some idea of how things are changing and how that could impact what you do.

Uber came along and shook up the taxi industry.
Netflix came along and shook up the video rental industry
JustEat shook up the takeout delivery industry.
And Amazon shook up almost every industry it entered (warehousing, shipping, oonline-retailing, book-selling, ereaders, tablets, cloud storage and more).

Data Science looks to be shaking up data analysis and those who work on it, I’d rather not end up left behind!

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