The Early Birds Are Good For Your Mind

Since the beginning of January this year, my wife and I have been getting ourselves up early every day to see what all the fuss was about. At first it was pretty difficult, but as we’ve adjusted by going to bed earlier and getting into the routine of things, it’s become easier and easier.

At the start I was worried that I couldn’t be as productive in the mornings as I previously had been in the evenings, but over the last few weeks I’ve had no trouble getting things done in the morning (when I get up on time that is).

There are still slip-ups and lay-ins, but the majority of days we wake up at 5:30am.

When we moved, we went far enough to get a different council with a different rubbish collection rota and a new set of guidelines to ensure our rubbish is put out on time.

Basically, we should have our bins out before 6am on Tuesdays, and whilst we could put them out the night before I like to take all the bins out for our building. This includes our neighbours’ bins and so I prefer to leave them closer to the house overnight to make lives a little easier, plus I get up early enough that it isn’t a problem for me to do in the morning.

Some days I slip a little in my morning routine of getting up early, but I’ve only missed putting the bins out before 6am once and it was fine then. In fact, it would probably be fine all the time, as I’ve never seen the bins collected so early, but I actually enjoy taking the bins out so early every Tuesday. Why? Because when you go outside your house before 6am in the morning, not only do you give yourself a good dose of fresh air and sunshine (even if it’s hidden behind some clouds), but you also get to experience the world before the day has really begun.

Saw these little ones around, they’re so tiny in real life

There are so many birds singing before 6am, it feels like they own the world!

This is something you wouldn’t get to experience as much with a ‘normal’ sleeping routine where you get up after 7am, unless you live near a park or in the country, most of the birds have finished their singing by then and the world has started waking up too so you can’t hear as well.

It’s really calming and joyful to just stand outside listening to the birds, such a great way to start my day.

I wish I’d read about this benefit before I started my early wake up routine, I might have begun it sooner just for this part!

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