Your Career Is Made Up Of Life And Business Skills

One of my hopes for this blog, and generally the content I share here, is that it may help others who find themselves somewhere on the same path as I am.

That may be where they’ve learned enough Excel to be able to list it as one of their skills, and they want to know where to go from there.

Or it may be that they’ve found they have an interest in data, but aren’t sure where to go with things like Big Data and Data Scientists flying around.

Or they’re just finding that life is a little bit nuts these days and wondering how to navigate it without going nuts themselves.

Hopefully I can, or am already, accomplishing that and I will continue to share my thoughts, learnings and recommendations on the tools that I use to do my job.

I mention this because I’ve been thinking about where my blog is going right now and how it is received. Different people like different things, so I feel like there is value in both the personal and business themed posts I’m writing.

Everything I’ve learned and done in life has contributed towards making me the person I am today, including my outlook on life, the people I keep close to me, and my career success.

If a house is attacked by a wolf, it becomes a warehouse…

8 years ago I was working as a warehouse assistant; packing orders, wrapping boxes, moving stuff around and working 12 hour shifts. These days I’m more likely to enter a data warehouse than a physical one. A lot of credit has to go to learning Excel, following career and life advice from resources like The Muse and The Human Workplace, joining LinkedIn, and adopting lessons from The Goal, The Gold Mine and Rich Dad Poor Dad.

My future is looking brighter than before, as my preparation before my current job put me on really strong footing, so I am more motivated than ever to not only excel at this job, but also be more prepared for the next step. I may not be sure of what the next step is, but I am sure that at least half of what I do now will be useful to me in the future.

Some of it is personal; Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, The Personal MBA and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics are on my must-read list right now. Some of it is professional; I’m studying regression analysis as part of Coursera’s Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization while also practicing using PowerQuery in Excel.

All of it is helping me create my future, and I’m happy to share my experience along the way in the hope that someone else, who might be a little bit lost, stumbles across it and finds their way a little more easily.

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