Linear Regression for Business: Review

So it’s been about a week since I started studying the Coursera course Linear Regression for Business Statistics in the Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization.

One of my early thoughts was how thankful I am that in this course you can submit your answers on the practice quizzes even when auditing the course. This instant feedback has been invaluable to me while following the content and I don’t think I would have gained as much confidence in my learning as I have done without it.

Another thing to note is how enthusiastic the teacher of this course is. More than once I found myself smiling at how clearly he enjoyed talking about the topic and I feel like I was more engaged with the content as a result of that.

There were some particularly difficult parts to understand which were introduced very close to the end, dummy variables which are somewhat difficult and then log-log and semi-log models which are very much more difficult as a concept. These are the areas where completing the final exams is going to make the most difference in helping you find how well you’ve learned the content, but in my case I’m still just auditing the course so I am currently cut off from that benefit.

There is a lot of content covered, some of it very briefly, but I felt like the most important parts were there and the other things I can get into more depth on from other sources such as text books or a different course with a different focus.

Something that I learned after going through the course is that there are a lot of workbook examples to work through, which is great for testing your knowledge, but really shows that organisation is a must if you want to keep on top of them. Unfortunately, I’ve not organised anything at all, just thrown them all into one folder for Linear Regression, and I don’t know what workbooks belong to what week. That will probably be annoying later on if I want to review something!

Anyway, after following through all of the examples and videos of this course, I feel like I’ve picked up some valuable skills towards realising my ambition of being a great analyst, and I look forward to trying out some regression models at work once Easter is over. There are a few things that we assume are correlated and now I have the tools to challenge those assumptions and see how realistic they are.

For anyone interested in challenging their data and business assumptions, this course is an easy recommendation for me. The Excel you need to know is not very advanced at all, and even though I’ve gone through the content pretty quickly myself, I feel like the pacing is spot on for the learning involved.

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