How Do We Know If We’re Relaxing Or Procrastinating?

So far this Easter Holiday, I’ve completed (though not officially) two courses from the Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization on Coursera and am one quarter of the way through the next one, with two further courses to go.

Luckily, this didn’t require me being strapped to the desk for the whole time, I’ve managed to fit in a fair bit of relaxation time around the studying as well, which is important to avoid burnout.

Yesterday for example, several hours were spent picnicking in a local park, soaking up the sun, gorging on homemade treats and generally just relaxing. The rest of my relaxation has been at home, reading, watching YouTube videos, generally lounging around and trying to beat the demo of the game Factorio.

There are still things besides studying that I want to do, but I find that the particularly warm weather is sapping my energy to do anything but the most sedentary tasks, so I’m mostly doing things based on my laptop. These include arranging my file folders (yawn), writing these posts (yay) and scheduling my tweets for after the post has published (also yay).

I’m not sure if I’m procrastinating or just giving myself the breaks I need. There is a section I’ve been studying today that I haven’t been picking up as well as everything else, and I keep wondering if I’m trying to avoid working on it because it takes me out of my comfort zone, or if I’m giving my mind time to process everything so that I can understand it better? Either way, if I hadn’t been avoiding it, then I wouldn’t have beaten that game demo today, so at least I’m virtually winning.

I do also feel like I’m rebuilding my emotional energy reserves again this weekend, which is important for combating my social anxiety issues, so there’s that to be pleased with.

I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m procrastinating one thing if I’m still getting some benefit by doing that and the thing I’m delaying isn’t actually time-sensitive, it’s just my own desire to finish it sooner.

The therapy of writing saves the day again, thanks Blogging!

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