Better Engagement By Scheduling Posts?

Last week I started using Hootsuite to schedule Tweets for this blog. Previously this blog was linked with auto-posting but at some point I realised that wasn’t really a strategy at all.

Post scheduling: delivered by owls

Reading about scheduling posts in the past, the most common advice I found was to write several posts in one go and spread them over the week. This had seemed weird to me, as I wasn’t sure how you could really engage with people when your activity mainly happens on just a couple of days a week.

But it looks like I was wrong!

This morning as I was scheduling some tweets from last night’s post, I noticed the streams feature in Hootsuite.

Moments later, I was actually finding tweets and mentions to respond to, as well as finding out one of my articles had been featured in a data science newsletter!

Simply by taking some action to schedule my tweets, I’d found myself engaging much better with social media than I had before, even though I wasn’t engaging directly through what I was posting at the time.

This is a point that has been overlooked by many advice articles, maybe because it’s obvious to their writers. Engagement happens against your old posts when you’re preparing or scheduling the new ones.

Sometimes we dismiss good advice because all of the benefits are not immediately apparent, but just giving something a proper try can highlight things that weren’t obvious before.

Maybe there are more benefits to be had that I hadn’t thought of and am yet to see? Only time will tell!

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