Welcome To IainSaunders.uk!

After much consideration, and discussing several different options with my lovely wife, I have finally decided to go ahead with my own website; IainSaunders.uk. Welcome!

Ain’t no party like a pineapple party

Although it might seem like a really easy name for me to use, I spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out what exactly to name it. My main obstacle was that I wanted something that conveyed my interests, career and skills. There isn’t really a word for all that, or even an acronym. Mentioning Excel in the title would have made sense, since I’ve gone so far from learning how to use Excel really well, but my current trajectory is towards using whatever analyst tools are out there, and that could become limiting in the future.

What I really needed was a future-proof website for myself, somewhere that I could customise and share whatever I wanted for years to come. The only way to really ensure that the description and name of my site are always relevant to me, is to name it after myself!

So here we are with IainSaunders.uk and all of my old blog posts imported, from when I started with Better Ways of Working up to my latest with How Not To Go Bananas.

This site and blog are me, the things I care about and want to share.

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