New Site Name, Same Old Author

Even though I am running with a new name for my site, I am still going to be posting much of the same old content but with a few small changes.

They are going to be more honest and sometimes more personal, because what is the point of having your own website with your name right in the title if you aren’t going to show the real you with it?

Additionally, I’m bringing images back in, yay! But not hand drawn ones, not just yet. There’s a very handy plugin called Instant Images that links to Unsplash, so that’s how I’ll be adding colour and breaking up these big text blocks (although most of my posts aren’t that long!).

New and old (although I’m not that crusty…)

What will stay the same is that I will continue to aim for daily posts, as I’ve finally begun to get used to blogging after 10 months of it and I’d like to keep it up.

And I will also be writing about Excel stuff, Data Science stuff, online learning stuff and life advice stuff. All the good stuff remains!

Love it, hate it? Let me know, add a comment.

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