Heading Towards Data Science

I am always looking for an easier way of getting and understanding information from the Data Science community. It’s expected to find great ones in Data Science publications on the web, but it took me a little by surprise to find one on Medium!

Which is the right direction?

Medium is a publishing platform for authors and communities, that lets people share stories about whatever they want. I’ve read some great articles and not so great ones, so getting to know who to follow takes time.

Towards Data Science is a publication on Medium for sharing Data Science advice for career, education and emerging new techniques, amongst other things.

This is the first publication that I’ve actually chosen to follow on Medium. Although I’ve been a reader there for a long time, I’ve only ever felt comfortable to follow a couple of authors.

It’s not all high-level stuff, there is a lot to be gained for an outsider like myself who just wants to know a little more.

I’ve found out the top things not to put in your CV here:
The 4 fastest ways not to get hired as a data scientist

Also, what Data Scientists are getting wrong:
Top 10 Coding Mistakes Made by Data Scientists

Usually when finding a publication with interesting articles, such as New Scientist or Harvard Business Review, there would be a huge amount of content that I just didn’t take an interest in, and so I stopped following them directly and opted to go back to reading articles shared by people I know. Since Towards Data Science is built by a community of authors, perhaps that won’t be such an issue?

My only other problem is that I may need to renew the paid membership on Medium to have access to all of the content. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes!

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