It’s Great To Be New At Something

I’ve been setting up my site for the last few days and found a lot of things to work on. The theme right, the layout, enabling SSL and anti-spam and a host of other things.

There’s a lot that goes into running a website, and I certainly haven’t covered it all yet!

Something else that’s New…

While I was slightly lamenting this fact, I also realised that it was actually a great opportunity to monitor myself and see how I react when I encounter something I don’t know about. As long as I stay aware enough to do that and not just crack on (or whatever I normally do).

Beneficial Routines

I’ve also been considering the possibilities around routines and conditioning, among other concerns such as the physical stress I mentioned a few posts ago. As an additional treatment against this problem (being human), I’ve decided to start doing some sort of exercise besides walking every day and have started a stretching routine; first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Doing it first thing in the morning might diminish the routine’s ability to condition me into feeling sleepy by doing it just before bed, but my main concern is flexibility at the moment and I can worry about conditioning and routines later. While it’s pretty short, I remember that when I was younger I would stretch a lot just for fun. Simply aging will have robbed me of some of my flexibility, I know, but I shouldn’t be as inflexible and have as tight muscles as I do now.

This is another new thing that I just don’t know if I’m doing right, despite following YouTube videos, so I’ll keep an eye on myself there too.

The only other thing I need to keep an eye on while having the fun of setting up a new website and learning to follow a stretching routine, is my learning. It’s been at least 4 days since I studied something, but for now I’m not pressuring myself to get back on it. I might fall back (in fact I got a reminder email from Coursera this morning), but I’m not holding anyone else up and as my wife pointed out, I need to relax more.

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