Meet My Friend Niksen

Yesterday I came across this fascinating article on LinkedIn about doing nothing and instantly shared it.

Niksen is the act of doing nothing.

Every day I do a little nothing. Sometimes on my lunch break, sometimes in the morning before I start the day, sometimes I take mini breaks during the day and just do nothing for a few minutes.

This tends to sound crazy or lazy to a lot of people, how can you keep being productive if you spend time doing nothing? But sometimes we need to just slow down and do nothing so that when we are doing something, it counts.

Several people I know always want to be doing something, it can be work, hobbies, engaging with social media, talking with friends or simply catching up on their favourite shows. But keeping your brain constantly engaged like this is not only tiring, but it also distorts our view of time.

When you are always busy, you don’t notice the time that you have.

I used to be one of those people, I always felt like there wasn’t enough time to do anything important. Sometimes I still feel that way, but not as much as before, which is how I remembered the importance of doing nothing.

I wrote a post a long while back about the value of not being able to do anything, where I was on holiday with hardly any phone signal. This was the most relaxed and motivated I have ever gotten. Simply because I was forced to unplug from everything that was keeping my mind busy, I ended up spending a lot of time doing nothing and getting a much better perception of time.

I’d noticed this before too, but the more I revisit it and make time to do nothing, the more certain I get.

When you give yourself time to do nothing, you realise how much time you really have. Bring a little niksen into your life and your productivity will flourish.

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