How I Aced My Saturday

Today was a pretty great day.

Today was aces

I slept in a little and then went out for a walk in the local park after breakfast.

I rediscovered last night and played it a fair bit today. It’s fun to just be competitive with other people sometimes, even if they are strangers online.

I finished off the Descriptive Statistics course in the Business Statistics Specialization on Coursera and got started with the next one on Hypothesis Testing, which has already been interesting in the first couple of videos.

I read some articles from my wife’s Physics World subscription (that black hole image is pretty cool), while lounging in bed.

I read some book summaries in Blinkist.

I had a nap in the afternoon after a delicious home cooked dinner.

And I generally just relaxed and did what weekends are for.

Today’s post is just about enjoying the day, not pushing yourself to do everything you can all of the time. I accomplished very little in terms of studying, but in terms of enjoying my life, I aced it.

Ace your life, take a break.

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