Failing At A Paid Course And Enjoying It

Today I took the plunge on the Business Statistics Specialization I’ve been enjoying for the past few weeks.

I fully enrolled with the 7 day free trial then £37 a month until I complete the course. Why? Because I finally started working on the final capstone course and saw that there are peer-reviewed assessments.

Having got this far and not having tested myself properly beyond the practice quizzes, I couldn’t be sure I understood the specialization content well enough to complete the assessments properly. That and I wouldn’t actually be able to have my work assessed unless I enrolled!

Thanks to having audited the course and prepared my quiz answers already, checking my results was as easy as navigating to multiple webpages and hitting the submit button. However, it was at this point that I discovered I had work to do!

The trusty pencil and paper are key to success in quizzes (or pen, I prefer pens)

So what had happened? Some of the questions I’d misunderstood, some answers were typos, but some really were from not learning the material properly before doing the quiz.

Reviewing the wrong answers and redoing the quizzes took some time, but it was worth it. Now I’ve completed 3 of the 5 courses for the whole specialization. This leaves me with the 3rd course on Hypothesis Testing and the Capstone. I only finished the first week of the Hypothesis course, and the Capstone is pretty heavy there, so I’m stuck until I finish the other 3 weeks! Argh!

On the other hand, my main goal in taking this course was to build skills in Linear Regression, which I did.

I will be finishing off the entire specialization, and now I have either 7 days or a couple of months to complete it, depending on how high a grade I want to finish with, how hard I find the hypothesis testing course, how quickly the peer-assessments are reviewed and how much I want to finish during the free trial!

Tomorrow the Udacity Nanodegree in Predictive Analytics opens, so I’m not sure how I’ll juggle these two things together!

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