I Just Started My Nanodegree

Yesterday marked the beginning of my Udacity Nanodegree in Predictive Analytics for Business; from 8pm onwards in fact.

At 8:01pm I was refreshing the page and finally accessing the content. Not much later I was already beginning to work on my first project. Then this morning I was working on it again in the hope I could finish it before leaving for work (I didn’t).

Ready? Set….. Go!

It’s nice to get onto a directed learning course for a change. Usually I would be finding different sources and putting together my own plan of what to study. It was also pleasing to see that the Nanodegree offers more than the standalone courses that it covers, as well as carrying over any progress I’d made before.

During this course, I’m going to be learning and using Alteryx and Tableau; Business Intelligence tools that make it much easier to gain insights. They can also be used to create predictions/forecasts, which is going to be fun to try.

At the moment, my only concern is that I still have not completed Business Statistics on Coursera.

There aren’t deadlines on the Coursera course and these courses aren’t related, so I can get along without it. It just feels a little wrong to not be finishing what I started.

On the other hand, this Nanodegree has deadlines which I absolutely intend to stick to. That first project I mentioned has a deadline of today as it’s only an example project, so without further delay, I better get cracking!

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