All Of My Google Analytics Data Disappeared!

Yesterday was a reminder of how much I still have to learn about using Google Analytics. I created a new view to see my site traffic excluding my own ip and applied it.

It’s so empty

With the new view applied, the traffic coming in from sources besides my own ip were… nothing. There were absolutely no visits to my site. In a panic, I looked into the tracking settings on my site and installed a different add-in for that. The unfiltered view had shown a lot of traffic coming from the US, whereas I’m in the UK. Unfortunately, this wasn’t reassuring enough as my own visits could still be getting tracked incorrectly somehow.

Finally, in a moment of calm, I realised I’d been stupid. One of the things I’d learned very early on with Google Analytics is that it doesn’t apply views against your data historically. When you create a new view, the data starts from there, there is no historical data.

So yeah, I panicked for nothing, tracking worked fine.

There are a lot of quirks to learn about Google Analytics, and that’s one of the benefits to having your own site. At my job, the views and filters and segments are already there. This makes it easy to forget that at some point, someone had to create them all!

This will probably stick in my mind for some time, another learning from (almost) failure!

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