How Much Time Do I Have? Less When I Check My Phone

Whilst I am certainly not a heavy phone user, I would still prefer to be a lot less reliant on my phone than I currently am. I use it for messaging and rarely for calls of course. And I use it for quickly checking things online, reading on Blinkist and checking the weather.

It’s pretty well established by now that we use our phones too much. Most of the time when we pick our phones up for one thing, we end up doing others and even forgetting why we picked it up in the first place.

The one thing that I use my phone for a lot that I don’t think I should need to use it for, is checking the time.

Ever check the time on your phone and immediately forget what time it is because you also looked at your notifications? Yeah

As I’ve written before, I strongly believe in the practise of making good habits more convenient than the bad ones you’re trying to replace, which is why I’m talking about watches right now.

I have had watches in the past, I even had one for several years, but I always seem to go back to not wearing one. It’s a point of comfort really where the watch just makes my wrist uncomfortable. I’ve had some better feeling from fabric watch bands, but overall I haven’t really found the ‘one’ yet.

But I think I’m going to give it another shot.

When you start looking into watches online, that’s a pretty deep and dark rabbit hole right there, full of expensive treasures to suck up your money at a moment’s notice.

Being on a tight budget in the Saunders household is really good in that I have to think twice about any purchase I want to make, so searching for watches now isn’t quite the same as it would have been a year ago.

In the interest of good, convenient habit building, I’m going to look into budget watches and see what turns up. Less phone time, checking the time, is an easy win I think!

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