Trying To Keep Up With Everything Is Hard


It is on my mind a lot lately.

I’ve got several different projects at work and keeping on top of them is proving challenging. Time constraints!

And at home I have a fair amount of studying to do. The Predictive Analytics Nanodegree, for instance. Although I’m prioritising that as it has set deadlines, I’d still like to finish the Business Statistics course in the next couple of months.

And there are plenty of things around the house, including replacing a lamp that hasn’t worked for two weeks!

I’m certainly not the only busy one!

I need to claim back my time

I started this conversation yesterday and talked about getting a watch. While that should help with me constantly checking the time on my phone, I think I can take it a step further.

Enter time tracking!

I already started off with an app called Moment, which I tried out on my phone. It informs me that so far I’ve spent 5% of my waking time on my phone. While 5% may be way under the average of 23%, exactly whose average is that? Do I want to know?

I’ve switched to RescueTime, which works across laptop and phone, as I like to use as few different programs as possible.

What I really hope to see is a lot of productive time, with studying dominating the charts and whilst I do study a lot, I sometimes feel like I need a bit more motivation. Seeing the numbers of what else I’m doing could help and even encourage me to spend more of my non-studying time away from the computer?

Anyway, I’ll give an update on where my time really goes after a week or so. So stay tuned!

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