Experience So Far With A Udacity Nanodegree

Predictive Analytics has been pretty interesting so far. While there was some content I had already been through before, I definitely needed a refresher. I basically re-did everything I’d done before just to make sure I knew what I was doing.

Alteryx certainly helps make a lot of data prep and analysis work super easy. If you know what you want and have an idea how to get there, it doesn’t take long. Having to run the workflow every time does get a little boring, but I just gotta memorise that shortcut.

Without immediate feedback, I had to wait to find out how well I actually did and even though it was just an example project to get into the practice, I was still nervous about what feedback I would get.

I shouldn’t have been; there was so much helpful advice and a ton of useful links to bookmark. Thank you to whoever did that for me (I still don’t know, I’ve not looked that deep into it yet).


This isn’t how I submitted my project, but without immediate feedback, it does feel that way

This weekend I’ve just been working away on the first real project and it’s been a bit of a nail-biter for me. Since I began, I’ve spent a good few hours goofing off, my brain just needs time to process!

Luckily, all the people who studied this course before have made it easier for those coming after. There was a lot of guidance, even a couple of quizzes and a checklist. I thought I’d answered everything properly in two pages, but after checking the guidance of how others had got caught out before, I ended up making enough changes to fill out double that! And that’s still with pretty concise answers! Mainly I just made everything clearer, including my thought process (which I haven’t been great at sharing in the past).

So how do I think it went?

Pretty damn well actually!

Am I glad this part is over?

Yes! But I enjoyed the challenge and am looking forward to the next one.

While this course so far does feel much higher stakes than the other courses I’ve worked on before, it also feels more rewarding.

And even if I haven’t done well enough to pass with my first submission, they give you as many chances as you need to redo and resubmit, so it’s just a matter of doing the best you can and improving until it’s good enough.

Three months to get a Nanodegree? I got this.

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