Writing About Not Knowing What To Write About

Even though I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, it’s still pretty tricky to think of something to write every day. Whenever I bring up this topic with my wife, her response is “do you really need to write every single day?”, to which my answer is no, not really. But do I want to write every day? Yes, as much as I can.

This blog isn’t my first. I’d start a blog and in the beginning I would post a couple times a week. This would soon dwindle to weekly, then monthly, then long stretches of time would pass before I would finally give up and just delete my blog as I wasn’t getting use out of it.

This blog has been different, because although it did dwindle a bit for a little while, I still came back and started writing again. One of the reasons I was able to bounce back and start writing again, was that I had built that little habit of writing every day. So when I did take a break and not write for a while, this urge to write started building up inside me and compelled me to take it up again. That’s the kind of habit I want to nurture and build on and that’s why I want to write every day.

Writing now is a chance for me to think about my day and consider what stood out for me. When I can’t think of anything right off the bat, I dig deeper. Sometimes, I just hit on something that is ready to write itself, like this post here. All the thoughts just build up inside you and when you put fingers to keyboard, the words just tumble out.

The other benefit of writing every day is that with so much practice, it’s easier to improve. When I go back and look at my earlier posts, I can see a change in tone and confidence, and better choice in words.

How I feel when inspiration hits

I still ramble, I still make mistakes, I still get a bit repetitive.

And I still get a bit repetitive.

And although sometimes I might get a bit repetitive, overall my writing has improved.

So on a day when I can’t think of anything else to write, reflecting on just that problem gives me something to write.

And it was fun, if a little repetitive.

If anyone reading this has any advice for inspiration for blog posts, let me know in the comments or drop me a message, I’m always open to ideas!

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