When Self-Study May Not Be Enough

There is a course I would like to be on in the future where one of the requirements is to have at least an A-level in Maths or have equivalent work experience.

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Unfortunately I don’t have an A-level in Maths, I quit doing my A-levels halfway through and I believe I received a “U” for ungraded. The problem was that I’d missed so much GCSE material and had such a poor experience with the school I was trying to do my A-levels at, that I just couldn’t engage with it.

So all my hopes lie with making a convincing case that my work experience is sufficient.

Talking to my manager about it, he’s pretty sure he can make a good enough case that I have the experience for it, but it has got me thinking about what I’ve missed. My wife has suggested a few times that I do something about it, but as it’s a sensitive area, I’ve not wanted to go into it too much. I always rationalised that it was more important to learn the things that I could use in my life and work immediately. Now though, it would probably be a good idea to go right into the middle of it.

So what’s the plan? Maybe to check out some past A-level Maths papers and see where I get to? If I can complete them, then at least I can convince myself that I’ve got the relevant skills.

It would probably also be worth taking a trip through Khan Academy again, I do like it there, and see what I can pick up and what I need.

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