Reflecting On My School Daze

My study space is really taking shape now. Even though it’s basically a corner of the living room and my laptop is set on a dining table.

I have a study board with some three-month goals written across it. I have a set of shelves with my study materials on it. And next week I have my own office chair arriving to make it complete.

Today my wife and I also picked up some maths study books to refresh the things I’m rusty on from my school days.

Rusty but not worn out yet

Being honest, there is a lot of rust. There are fundamental things that I just don’t remember how to do. After discussing it a bit more openly than I have before, I realised I wasn’t doing myself any favours by not facing it. If I want to be sure of myself before I start this Data Science apprenticeship, I need to know that I know my stuff when it comes to maths.

I just need to figure out the pacing, because this probably isn’t something I can speed through.

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