RescueTime One Week Later

I’ve been using RescueTime for over a week now, which means I have enough data for a weekly analysis of what I’ve been up to, yay!

The app is on both my laptop and phone, but I do sometimes use my wife’s devices (iPad and laptop). There’s probably around 3 hours unproductive time missed there! In the settings, nothing is ignored (not even the sites ignored on the default settings). I have also adjusted some entries so that they more closely reflect how I use them. Some things I’ve changed form productive to neutral or unproductive, and some I’ve changed from unproductive to productive or neutral. It’s getting pretty well tailored and I’m keeping myself honest with how I use things. Using my phone browser is neutral for example, because while I do use it to answer questions, I also use it for fun.

So with that in mind, what is my so-called Productivity score for the week?


It’s rescue time!

What Is In The Numbers?

The biggest time thief is, not surprisingly, gaming. The second is streaming video, like NetFlix and Youtube. Although if I could take into account the time I’d spent watching streaming video on other devices, it could take first place.

On the productive side, reading on Blinkist and studying on Udacity were my biggest time-investments during the week. Unfortunately, Udacity recommends 10 hours studying a week and so far I have clocked… 1 hour 45. Not good enough.

Over the week I have clocked around 2 hours of writing, which averages to about 17 minutes a day. That’s slowly creeping up as I write this though, so it’ll end more around the 20-25 minute mark I think.

RescueTime has lifetime milestones recorded as well, and as I’ve only just begun, they’re pretty recent. My most time spent on distracting activities was Monday at just over 2 hours. With over 4 hours logged, last Sunday was my most productive time.

Closing Thoughts

I like that I’m getting a read on what is distracting me the most. For example, I didn’t realise before quite how much time was going on gaming. Confirming my suspicion that I hadn’t put in as many study hours was really helpful too. However, there are a few hours of offline study time that haven’t been captured and progress on the Udacity Nanodegree is still ahead of schedule, so the metrics alone don’t tell the whole story.

I’m pretty happy with my experience with RescueTime so far, it’s only a week though. The true test of a new habit is whether you are still following it after 3 months, so let’s see how that goes!

Next week I’ll give another update and hopefully have found a way to track my offline time (not ready to go premium on RescueTime for that feature just yet!).

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