Just Taking A Break

Today I’m posting a little late and a little short because I did one of the things I am always advocating on my blog; I took care of myself.

This week I’ve been working my grey matter to its limits trying to figure out how to build something in Excel. I need to make a formula that would account for multiple percentages at different points against itself. It was horrible, but after much struggling and trial and error, I got it working!

After so much mental effort, and with today being so warm here in London, I realised that I needed a proper break today.

So after work, I spontaneously invited my wife out for dinner.

And then he said “ketchup is one of your 5-a-day right?” and I knew it was time to move on, mhmm

We picked out a random restaurant, relaxed in a booth and just ate and chatted. No other responsibilities to worry about. It was something we both needed I think.

And that’s what I’ve been doing rather than planning and writing my post today, which is what we should all do sometimes!

Good night!

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