You Should Take A Long Break After Reading This

Giving yourself time to rest and relax is important. Not just time to unwind, but actual quiet time with nothing else happening or being done. I like to take long baths.

This quiet time gives my mind the freedom to wander and bring to my attention things that I’ve thought about before, but with added details and conclusions that it’s come up with in the background.

Like a forest, your thoughts still exist and are still growing when you’re focusing on only single thing. If you let your mind wander, you’ll find discover interesting things there!

You see, when you’re not actively thinking about something, it’s not just forgotten. Once it’s in your mind, it’ll keep working on it a little at a time, when it’s free. This is one of the most powerful ways of figuring things out.

For example, you know when you are struggling to solve a problem and you sleep on it, then the next day the answer seems obvious? That’s partly because your brain worked on it while you weren’t actively thinking abou the problem. All that time thinking wasn’t wasted of course, it will have helped form the solution in the end.

This is also something you’ll pick up on the Coursera course Learning How To Learn, so after taking a break to let your mind wander after reading this post, or if you’re not yet convinced, head on over to Coursera and enroll!

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