Here Comes The Predictive Analysis!

My next Nanodegree project feels more like my regular work than the last. I basically need to cleanse and combine multiple data sources, then use that data to predict future sales. It’s also reassuring that a course in analytics is starting to resemble my current job role. Not reassuring of the course content, but reassuring of my job! This is the first job when I feel like the title of “analyst” really applies to my work.

I’ve just started the project and with over a week to finish it, I’m in no rush. I will probably take the final submission to present at work, a bit like show and tell! There is enough in there that I could make a case for applying the same type of analysis to my work. The only thing is that this type of analysis and data gathering is pretty time intensive, making prioritising and focusing even more important than it is now if I want to do thing like this (which I do).

My first project went really well and the main feedback was to keep doing what I’m doing. This project doesn’t come with as much advice as the last, so it may not be as complete on the first submission, but that’s okay. With Udacity, you can keep revising and submitting your project until it’s good enough to pass.

All this focus on the Nanodegree, and relaxing in the mean time, does mean that the Business Statistics course I started on Coursera is not getting much love. On the one hand, I definitely want to finish it. On the other hand, hypothesis testing and sample size selection do not inspire me and that’s pretty much what is left to do.

So What’s Next?

Not all predictions are equal!

Predictive analysis isn’t something I was picturing myself doing even a year ago. I’m not sure where I imagined my career going to be honest. But now I have at least a vague idea of where I’m going, and proof that I’m on that path.

Data Science.

Last year I was just trying to get myself ready to begin as an analyst, this year I’m already at the early stages of becoming a Data Scientist. The courses I’m working on have business applications within my current role. The next steps advised on these courses are strongly tied to Data Science.

Even just a few weeks ago, I was trying to prove to myself that I could transform from the Excel guy into the analyst guy. It’s been such a change but I haven’t yet felt like I can’t keep up. There’s a lot to learn and take in, but it almost feels familiar. What I’m learning now makes a lot of sense to me, even when it’s challenging, and that’s exciting.

How much further is there to go? Only time will tell. But at least I know I’m on the right track.

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