How To Manage With Random Tasks Every Week

One of the tools that I found especially useful in my last job was Process Street. It’s great for recurring tasks, but not so much for ad hoc stuff. I didn’t really do enough ad hoc stuff to need a tool that excelled in that area.

I think that the routine made me a little complacent.

These days, most of what I do is new or infrequent tasks, there is little routine besides one weekly and one monthly report. It’s taken me a while to realise that maybe I need an organised structure for my tasks. They’re in Todoist, but I just can’t engage with the UI there, it feels too limited.

Although I’ve been managing, I could be doing far better, which brings me back to… Trello!

Visualising processes helps them flow better

Yes, the tool I’d all but abandoned is gaining back its appeal. Today as I was learning a new work process, I felt compelled to add the steps into Trello. It’s a really useful tool for infrequent tasks that contain many steps. Certainly better than a PDF or Word document!

So, time to get back into practise using a tool that pretty much saved my sanity in the past!

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