Different Ways Of Learning

Today I attend a one-day course to learn some business strategies and tactics. It was led by an instructor with years of experience who obviously knew what he was talking about. He asked us our particular business problems and we shared them with him, and he gave example answers that would help us think of ways Read More

Linear Algebra For Dummies

It’s interesting how different things with the same names can be. Linear Algebra in maths is scary and complicated. I’ve looked up so many courses, but even the “beginner” ones are intimidating. So when you start looking into Data Science and Machine Learning, spotting Linear Algebra lurking in the course content can cause worry. But it Read More

Linear Algebra And Excel Spreadsheets

Although I am just beginning with Linear Algebra, one thing occurred to me about matrices and vectors. I worried that in my ignorance, I was simply misunderstanding, but maybe not. I stumbled across the following quote and my little thought made sense: Linear algebra gives you mini-spreadsheets for your math equations https://betterexplained.com/articles/linear-algebra-guide/ Now THAT is something Read More

Linear Algebra for Data Science

So here’s a big scary mathematical idea; Linear Algebra. It’s something my wife has studied towards her physics degree, so I know it’s complicated. There are all these funny words associated with it too. And knowing all that, I was concerned that it’s a part of Data Science. So yesterday I decided to do a little Read More