How To Be Super Productive

Sometimes when I talk about productivity, it sounds like I live and breathe to simply be productive. The header image would certainly support that and it is an example of a productive day for me.

However, whilst I do love being productive, I also love being lazy.

This is no exaggeration and I have the proof. Real proof, not that humble-bragging stuff like “I was so lazy today, I only did 1 hour at the gym”.

That’s not how we roll in the Saunders household.

1% productivity on rescuetime last saturday
Behold my Saturday!

1% productive and I’m sure that’s rounded up.

Now, maybe you’re skeptical. Did I really spend that much time on my computer and phone in one day? And are my activities properly flagged, as in, I’m not flagging education/productive things as entertainment?

Let’s have a look!

BAM! 4 hours 45 minutes of popcapgame1 aka Plants vs Zombies

So more than half of my entertainment time was a game, with sizable chunks coming from Netflix, Youtube and what’s that other thing? Oh, Plants vs Zombies mobile, because desktop isn’t enough!

Well… News & Opinion was another pretty substantial category, maybe I was discovering things about the world?

Nah, I was browsing Reddit

Perhaps I redeemed myself on Sunday? Buckled down and did something worthwhile in my time?

5% productivity on rescuetime last sunday
5% productivity, up 400% from the day before!

Of course not! I spent two-thirds as much time on my phone and computer but hardly any of it doing anything productive.

And just to cover all the bases, lets look into that 6% Reference & Learning.

Blinkist book summaries, 22 minutes. Plus some Googling.

Yep, nothing much there to be proud of.


I needed a break, a big one. And I took it.

To be productive, you can’t be productive all the time. Everyone needs a break and sometimes we need longer breaks than usual. There is nothing wrong with taking time to do nothing, in fact it’s essential.

Maybe I could be more productive, maybe I could use my time more wisely, maybe I could take shorter and more frequent breaks to avoid “losing” weekends like this?

It doesn’t really matter to be honest. What matters is what works for you at the time that you need it.

Take care of yourself and don’t feel bad about your lazy days, if you’re taking them, you need them, and if you need a lot of them, then so be it.

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