32 At 32

A couple of weekends ago, I was shopping for some new trousers and had to try them on to be sure they’d be comfortable. There were casual ones in small, medium and large so I tried the medium and large. The medium fit me fine, they were stretchy after all, but the normal sizing for men’s trousers is waist and inner leg length in inches.

I’ve been wearing the 34 inch waist trousers for years, and so that’s what I tried on. Before I continue though, a little backstory…

Do carrots have waists?

Many years ago, when I transitioned from a warehouse worker to an office worker, my waist started to grow. Not by a lot at first, but over time I went from wearing 30-32 inch waist trousers to feeling a little constricted by 34 inch waist trousers.

This did not do much for my confidence, especially as some people around me at the time were negative about it and also discouraged me from trying to lose the extra inches. To say I lacked support was an understatement.

For the last few years, I just gave up and resigned myself to being a 34 inch waist person now. It’s not the end of the world and I had other more interesting concerns, like my career. I also found an amazing woman who loved me as I was, so I didn’t have much incentive at all to lose the weight I’d gained. I had the support I needed now, but as I said, I’d resigned myself to being a 34 inch waist guy.

But when trying on trousers those couple weekends ago, the 34 inch waist trousers were actually a little big on me! When I took the 32 inch and 30 inch waist trousers back to the changing room after that, I was thrilled to find they both fit!

After all these years, at the age of 32, I’m back to a 32 inch waist (and can fit snugly into the 30 inch).

This may not seem like a big deal, but I had really given up.

And the two main factors in this are home-cooking and living a half hour walk away from work. I’m thrilled to be back at this waist size and now that I’m used to working an office job, maybe it will be easier to stay this way?

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