What Is Your Time Off Like?

Following advice from my wife and my boss, I now have four days off from work.

I’ve had several recent accomplishments to be proud, analyses and business models. But I’ve moved from one project to the next, with little time to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labours.

As I am not (yet) a machine, this kind of pace is unsustainable.

So although I probably will have some thoughts about work on my mind over the next 4 days, I won’t have to actively work on them.

While developing and working on things is tiring for me, learning is a lot of fun. Every time I’ve picked up my Power Query or Power Pivot books, I’ve been happy about reading them. Although I can imagine some people thinking it’s crazy, I hope to have finished reading the entirety of at least one of these books on my days off. Probably the Power Query one.

Another thought I had for my days off is to make some use of my soon to expire Datacamp subscription. They’ve been sending out a lot of updates lately and I have to admit I’m intrigued. When I subscribed, there wasn’t as much that I was ready to learn, but as I get closer to Data Science, it becomes more obvious how much extra value they could offer.

Get the plants out!

What I probably won’t be doing with my days off is playing the game Plants vs Zombies any more. since I earned the final achievement yesterday!

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