Back To Business

I am back after a four day break from work, study and blogging. And if anyone is interested, I ate, I slept, I played video games. Not much else.

Getting back into it now, there is a lot for me to do. The world marched on while I slacked off. The work on my plate has only grown. Deadlines have come close enough that I can see the whites of their eyes.

It just keeps turning

Am I bothered? Just a little, but certainly not as much as I would have been without the break.

Of my current 3 month goals, I may possibly only achieve two out of four. This was a bit painful to realise, but not so much now. I set my goals before I knew what my office workload was, and probably should have moved them before to be honest. My boss has begun to have monthly reviews with me and others on his team and it’s been really helpful. Maybe I should have monthly reviews with myself over my personal goals too?

I’m also discovering more and more things that would be useful for me to know. Statistics, analytics and Data Science are easy areas to aim for, but it looks like economics and even more finance should be on my radar too!

Another thing is that there is a lot more maths than I knew existed. And I need to revise things that I looked at half my life ago to prepare for what I’m learning in a few months. It’s a little scary, but do-able.

But I’m more ready than I was before, so let’s get back to business!

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