1 Year Anniversary!

A quick look at my diary shows that yesterday was actually the one year anniversary since I started writing this particular blog!


I can hardly believe I missed that. This is the longest running blog I’ve ever had, I’ve finally stuck with one.

Now, that isn’t to say that IainSaunders.uk has existed for a year, it hasn’t yet. I started this blog with a free account on WordPress.com as Better Ways of Working. It then changed temporarily to How Not To Go Bananas, before becoming what it is now.

In the beginning, I didn’t even know I wanted to get into Data Science. I still saw myself as the Excel guy and I was more interested in productivity than anything else.

These days, Excel is just one of my tools to get to good analysis. And improving my analytical skills is what is bringing me towards Data Science.

Keeping up with a blog for a year hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve hit writer’s block many times, or lost motivation. Even though I aim to post daily, one year later I still take breaks from blogging.

Happy 1 year anniversary to my blog!

One thought on “1 Year Anniversary!

  1. Yaaayyy!! Happy Anniversary to you my love xxx I am proud of you, and I’m sure you will only make this blog better and bigger. You have improved your writing and your motivation since starting it, which I know were two reasons you decided to do it in the first place. Keep at it, you’re doing GREAT!

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