The Complete Robot… Again

One of the upsides and downsides of being unwell is that you can only allow yourself to do things that take very little effort. So whilst I am resting to recover from this damn cold, I can’t do much.

I can rest, keep clean, watch NetFlix and read. I’ve decided that I shouldn’t be playing proper video games because the ones I prefer tend to present challenges.

So, back to reading, and I’m back on the collection of stories contained in The Complete Robot by Isaac Asimov.

I did not murder him!

Once again I find myself awed and inspired by his work. The variety and depth of his stories is borderline overwhelming. The ideas he produces and follows through are so fantastical, modern sci-fi feels somewhat lazy in comparison.

My bookmark shows that I have less than a fifth of the book left to read, but being on page 485 of over 600 means I need not rush to find my next read.

Nevertheless, I’m certain I want to pick up another Asimov collection and I think it might be the Foundation series.

So my advice in this post is if you have any interest in Sci-Fi, please do read Asimov, at least the robot stories.

And my request is if you do know Asimov, please send me any recommendations for similar authors. They don’t have to be sci-fi, just great ideas realised in enough detail to be compelling. I’m thinking George Orwell’s 1984 as another example.

Meanwhile, I hope I feel better soon!

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