Linear Algebra With R

Another Linear Algebra post!

And why not, I’ve been playing with it more and more lately.

I haven’t become super advanced in using it, I can’t tell you how it works just yet. What I can tell you is that learning R on Datacamp will give you some great basics in Linear Algebra. In fact, it will probably give you at least the minimum you need to know to get by.

Stuff that skull full of knowledge

One look at the chapter titles in the introductory course shows a lot:

After intro to basics, we have a chapter on vectors, a chapter on matrices, then factors, data frames and lists. Everything a growing Data Scientist needs to know to get started it seems!

I had been planning to let my subscription lapse when it ended in September, but now I’m not so sure. I’ve been following the introductory course on my phone and on the desktop and it’s going really well.

So if you have aspirations of learning R and learning Linear Algebra, try them out both together at Datacamp.

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