Linear Algebra For Dummies

It’s interesting how different things with the same names can be.

Rhymes with nummies

Linear Algebra in maths is scary and complicated. I’ve looked up so many courses, but even the “beginner” ones are intimidating.

So when you start looking into Data Science and Machine Learning, spotting Linear Algebra lurking in the course content can cause worry.

But it shouldn’t!

I’ve been doing the introduction to R course on Datacamp for the past week and have yet to get to something I couldn’t understand. It may be the introductory part, but it’s laid out so simply. Since I realised that Machine Learning is the main reason you need to learn linear algebra, I started looking for that instead.

The Machine Learning courses appear to be worlds apart from mathematical courses in Linear Algebra. One of the biggest clues of that is that it barely gets a chapter in many courses.

Although it’s still early days and there is a lot more to learn, so far linear algebra for Data Science feels more like linear algebra for dummies. And I’m more than okay with that!

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