28 Days Later

No, not the film, although it is one of my favourites.

I reviewed my Nanodegree deadlines yesterday and realised that I have 28 days to finish the remainder of the course and submit my final project. After the submission, there is still time for adjustments following feedback, but I do need to at least submit it.

The tunnel scene was one of my favourite parts… oh, we’re not talking about the movie? My bad.

In those remaining 28 days, I have at least 30 hours of studying to do. It’s definitely doable, but I actually sat down and made a study plan to ensure I stay on track.

I’ve been going a bit off track lately with exciting new things, like Linear Algebra. I wouldn’t say Linear Algebra itself is exciting, but finding that I can at least understand the introduction to it is exciting for me.

As I learned in the great course, Learning How To Learn, a great way to boost your studying is by interleaving. This is where you switch between two different subjects, taking advantage of your brain’s desire for novelty.

For now I’ll be interleaving with business strategy and tactics, as it has a lot of theory from microeconomics, which will contrast nicely against the more technical content from the predictive analytics nanodegree.

Wish me luck!

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