Starting With A Study Plan

It’s all well and good having a study plan, but it won’t work if you don’t stick to it. So far, I’m not sticking to it.

This study journey is more resuming than beginning, but you get the idea

On the upside, it helped me prioritise better and now I’ve decided that I can let the Business Statistics course wait for another month. On the downside, I’m having trouble getting back into the flow of studying the Predictive Analytics. I’m actually already behind schedule, but I calculated that I could finish the course this month if I stick to or stay ahead of the study plan.

Today I was meant to study for an hour, but it’s hard. I’ve got up to 45 minutes and that will have to do for today so that I can put myself to bed.

Perhaps I can finish off the hour tomorrow morning, I get up early enough now!

I’m a little disappointed, but it’s my first week back on full study and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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